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Herdsmen On The Mambila

I assure you that the book will open your eyes even though they are not closed.
You can now order for your copy of the ebook. Thanks.

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About “Herdsmen On The Mambila” I have offered some of my published works free, but this one you will have to pay some money to have it. It is a book that will show in clear terms the future socio-political groupings in Nigeria. It is hoped that Nigeria will survive the present onslaught on the polity. Go read the book so that your future generations won’t send you words that will make you restless when you are out of here. The book, “Herdsmen On The Mambila” is a book that peruses the Socio-political and economic future of Nigeria. It reveals in succinct form the likely future sociopolitical groupings and face of Nigeria. Have you heard, you will hear now!!!

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