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OLADIRAN JOSEPH OYEWUMI ( DIRAN O.Y.E ) is a seasoned and dynamic minister of God. He is a preacher, singer & songwriter, an author, a crusader for social justice and an ambassador for peace. His songs, messages and writings will electrify you and take you to the realm of blissful atmosphere. Diran loves people.
Diran O.Y.E Oyewumi is a singer-songwriter, an author, and a fantastic performer. His music will get you on your feet to dance. His work of music speaks well of him as a dynamic, warm and energetic person.

He is a magnificent person with a broad based knowledge and experience about the creative industry, socio-economic, political, relationship, communication and history of religion.

Being a graduate of a reputable University and a product of strong and sound home training, he has been able to build a formidable edifice of enviable ” Value System”,
” Reward System. ” and exemplary lifestyle that will spur any person to take a queue.
His acumen in the fields where he has been able to make a good name for himself and earn the respect of many people is commendable and envialbe. His admirers treat him as a man of great honour and value whose modus operandi is a combination of humility, diligence and integrity.

Diran embraces the B-Values ( Positive values ) of our common humanity as a way of life and that is what the Holy Books preach.
“Talk is cheap but action is golden.” So, try as much as possible to go the extra mile to make contact with him. Eureka!!! You are good to go. You have made a good discovery and your future will smile on you.
DIRAN is good and you are too but our creator is the best.

CHERISHED QUOTE: Civility cost nothing but buys everything.

MOTO:Towards building a Godly humanity.