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Why we are backing Buhari — Bodejo, Miyetti Allah Boss

After we directed all the Fulani associations to endorse Buhari, some people went and collected N5000 to go to Sokoto for a meeting and called it coalition for Fulani association. Those people are not Fulani; the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar just wants to convert some people to Fulani for the sake of the election.

Atiku himself is not a Fulani man. Does he resemble a Fulani man? Some Nigerians do not know that there are some original Fulani tribes. We have different types of Fulani. If you bring Buhari and Atiku, if they close your eyes and they tell you to select the original Fulani between them, who will you select? No matter how you try to resemble the Fulani, like if you are slim and maybe yellow, your face will show that you are not Fulani.

If I collected money from Jonathan, you would have known because all the people who collected money from that government, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is after them. They have been publishing their names in the paper.

“My interest is just on the welfare of the Fulani people.”

Have you forgotten that when Jonathan was there, we took them to ECOWAS court where we were looking for justice for the Fulani people? If they are giving money, maybe I am not matured enough to be given such money. Nobody has given me any money and I am not looking for anybody’s money. I am a typical Fulani man.

If Buhari finishes his tenure and power goes back to Igbo or Yoruba, let them also appoint their own people. No matter what you do, Nigerians regard some people including the Fulani people as enemies. But this is our time. The time that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was in government, anywhere you go to in Abuja, you saw the Yoruba.

The Yoruba had a council in the villa and in every corner then, you found the Yoruba man. Who complained that time? When Jonathan was ruling this country, he gave some Northerners appointments but you saw how many Niger Delta people were around him then. They had opportunities more than those people who even had appointments. People say Buhari has given Fulani appointments but how many of them are actually in his government.

Many of them people say are Fulani are not but from other tribes. Some say all the Service chiefs are Fulani but is Buratai a Fulani man? The current IG of Police, is he a Fulani man? Name the appointees one by one and I would tell you that they are not of the Fulani tribe. Buhari himself is a typical Fulani man but most of those his appointees are not Fulani.

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