Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review

There’s hardly any competition in the high-end Android tablet market. These days, if someone wants a tablet, the first word that comes to mind is iPad. Apple’s devices deliver great displays and plenty of performance for as low as $330, but the key to the success of the iPad lies in the sheer amount of tablet-optimized apps for iOS. It’s why using the iPad Pro with a keyboard as a laptop replacement isn’t a ludicrous idea.

Android, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot of apps optimized for a larger, tablet interface; most of the time you’re stuck looking at an overblown version of the smartphone app. Samsung hasn’t given up though, and its latest attempt to turn a premium Android tablet — the Galaxy Tab S4 — into a potential laptop replacement is admirable, even if it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Samsung has several hits with the Galaxy Tab S4 — it’s the best Android tablet you can buy — but it has a few misses as well. Let’s dive in.
Contemporary design and fantastic display, but average sound

One of the Galaxy Tab S4’s best features is its size. It’s small enough to hold — we’ve easily carried home the folded-up tablet and keyboard cover (sold separately) in our hand like a notebook, instead of using a backpack. It’s a little thick with the keyboard cover and it adds a bit of weight, but the Tab S4 never felt too heavy to carry.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review
samsung galaxy tab s4 review 22

The tablet is significantly lighter and thinner when it’s out of the keyboard cover, though it may require two hands to hold it up for comfort. The bezels surrounding the 10.5-inch display are uniform and slimmer than ever before, making the Tab S4 look contemporary and elegant. By shaving the bezels down, Samsung was able to keep the Tab S4’s dimensions similar to last year’s 9.7-inch Tab S3.

In landscape orientation, the power button sits at the top with the volume rocker next to it. Over on the right edge is a headphone jack and a USB Type-C charging port. At the bottom are the pins used to connect the tablet to the keyboard. There’s no more home button on the front — instead, double tap the screen to wake it up.

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