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Yoruba traditional rulers’ cultural dress sense made me to embrace the Yoruba race — Angela Omoyajowo Beausoleil

The President of Tiwa N Tiwa Lasa, A cultural–tourism NGO founded to promote and protect the Yoruba cultural and traditional dress sense, Mrs Angela Omoyajowo Beausoleil has revealed that the mode of dressing and the cultural dress sense of Yoruba traditional rulers lured her into embracing the Yoruba race and all what it stands for.

Mrs Omoyajowo Beausoleil made this know at a press conference held in Lagos where she announced the birth of a cultural NGO which she sad “is out to project and promote Yoruba traditional dress on the global platform”.

She revealed: “In Montreal, I am always being swept off my feat whenever I see a Yoruba person well dressed in the authentic traditional dress. This interest pushed me into searching for pictorials about the type, style, brand and mood of Yoruba traditional and cultural dress sense.”

She pointed out “I must make this confession about one of the traditional Obas in Yoruba land who has and continued to stun my sense of imagination when it comes to dress sense is the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III. This particular king seems to have mastered the environmental sensibility of dress sense in reflecting any occasion or event. I watched him on a television from my room in 2015 when he was in London attending London University’s event where one big lawyer, I think Aare Afe Babalola was being honoured.

He was regal in gait and royale in dressing. The oba was superlative in traditional decking, with a white beaded laced walking stick and a few matching beads on his neck resting on a fascinating agbada apparel couched in colours admixture which synchronised perfectly well as being fitted in heaven where perfectionist work.

Mrs Omoyajowo Beausoleil said “Oba Adeyemi is not only colourful in his choice of dressing, but he has many of these large Agbada which has to be assembled in steps over his shoulders in a balanced stead that aid his stepping without unfurling.”

I also watched with keen awe his dress comportment when he was in the US, Brazil and the installation of the Aare Ona Kankanfo in Oyo. He was just too great. Thus , I have not missed trailing him or any other Yoruba Oba who I have not found any without dressing traditionally powerful which have all helped to project the sunny side of this wonderful race.”

She said, “Paris is built on French fashion. Italian shoe and leather works. US on Disneyworld, Niagara Falls, Australia on car racing, Nigeria has it all and the Yoruba has the dress to an advantage. This is the heart of Tiwa N Tiwa Lasa.

Mrs Omoyajowo Beausoleil revealed “We are celebrating the Yoruba dress in a form beyond the imagination of all by packaging it not only as a fashion article, but injecting it into the consciousness and embracing mentality of the global norms . It is very interesting to note that Yoruba dress fit and more adorable on the white better than the black. See me in it. Aren’t I cute in it? You can guess what we are on to.”

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